About Us

Panash,a fast-growing company, provides best quality interiordecor products conceptualized and developed by our exclusive artists for our valued customers .

Our objective is to provide -
  • Best platform for interior exclusive products to serve at your doorstep
  • Unique design interior products to customers.
  • Platform for interior base artist.

Panash is a creative team to design quality hand-made interior products .
• Panash’s founder,MrsHeenaPatel connected with interior design projects since last 10 years has wide-rangingand proven experience in interior projects like farm houses, hotels, hospitals ,corporate office designing and development..It was her idea and endeavourto startdesigning interior products since last three years. Her idea behindit was to bring all great artists on one platform to serve better in interior range.
• Panash started designing basic interior products like designer mirrors , designer clocks, pine wood vases, pine wood lighting, painting by various artists, sand art by our artists, ceramic raku vases, ceramic lighting, bath accessories, and wall sleaves.
• Our idea to create platform for all artists who have great acumen for art but are unfortunately unable to reach up to people,Panash helps them in a way to create new innovative designs which are given by the company and develop them, encourage them to prepare art and we brought these art to all over world through these platform .
• At present, more than 20 artist comprised a formidable team to develop novel product designs and our goal this financial year (2017-18)is to more than 50 artiststo work with us to design novel designs and products